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Spot light on One of Our Asssociates: The Dog Walking Co.


The Dog Walking Co. is a Los Angeles based start-up headquartered in Silver Lake.They aim to educate dog owners in order to bring dogs the care they need, as well as get jobs for people who love animals. Every extra dollar raised beyond their our start up goal will be donated to the animal shelters and rescues that we partner with. As dog owners, they know that walking your dog is incredibly important for keeping your dog healthy. They also know that many people do not have enough time in their busy schedules to walk their dogs as much as they should. After having trouble finding a trustworthy dog walker for their Shiba Inu, Keep, the founders decided that they could create a better way to find and hire dog walkers.

I am a big supporter of their campaign. This is a great company that really strives to educate not just the client, but to team up with the walkers to help them be the best pet care giver they can be.  Pawsitive Perspective Animal Training has teamed up with The Dog Walking Co. to create a training program for  dog walkers to give them continuing education on dog handling and create the best pet care professionals for your furry companions.

So to support this endeavor The Dog walking Co. launched an Indiegogo campaign for two big reasons. First and foremost, we want to raise awareness of our project and show that its something people want. Second raising the money will pay for the development of our site’s  so we can continue to use our funds to train walkers, insure them, and offer grants to the no kill dog rescues. The cost of development is 12k and that is what we are going to set our goal to. Every dollar above that amount will be donated to the rescues to help them save animals lives!

Things have been growing on our end so we wanted to take this chance to give you a short update.

  • We made a video: http://youtu.be/zPtYuJh7VMA
  • We have over 2000 walkers interested, 300 we’ve vetted, 50+ interested clients, and 100 walks going a month. What this means is we are creating jobs for people, getting dogs walked, and fulfilling our mission.

We want to make sure this thing gets off to a great start and that’s where your help is going to be huge. It would be great if you all could do one or all of the things to make it take off: