Melissa Munoz is an accomplished instructor and owns her own company Pawsitive Perspective Animal Training . A graduate from the respected Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College, she has a degree in Animal Behavior and Training.  Melissa has worked in both the entertainment industry, training animals from cougars to parrots, and the private industry, training dogs and cats for clients just like you.
Before her work as a dog trainer Melissa worked for many years as a veterinary technician caring for dogs and cats at an animal ER.   You also may recognize her from one of the many live bird shows she did at the Rainforest Cafe Downtown Disney.
Whatever her work may be, animals have always been her passion.  Now her focus is helping others enjoy their pets. So few people have the relationship they want with their pets due to a simple lack of communication.  Melissa wants to change that!

Check out all her great programs at http://www.pawsitiveperspectivetraining.com

or call her now at (866) 412-PAWS

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